#1 Aircon Chemical Overhaul Service in Singapore

Active Cool Aircon Experts is highly recommended because of its excellent aircon servicing. The air con chemical overhaul price offered by Active Cool Aircon Experts is always reasonable with its work quality. Active Cool Aircon Experts is one of the aircon service providers which provides the best aircon chemical overhaul service in Singapore. It is very common that aircon drain pipes are choked due to jelly, rust, carbon, or dirt. Aircon chemical service is needed when the issue can’t be solved by aircon regular service or aircon overhaul superior service. This mostly occurs on aircon which has not been serviced for years and the FCU fin is blocked by the dirt. When the FCU fin is blocked, the air blowing from the FCU is weak even when high fan mode is chosen.

Besides, aircon chemical overhaul Singapore service is also needed when there is jelly at the back of the fin. The jelly will cause water leaking at your aircon and may damage your false ceiling or paint if it is not being solved immediately. During chemical overhaul service, our technicians will remove the FCU and dismantle all the parts to wash and clean up properly. This will ensure all aircon parts are cleaned and clear the jelly which refrains water leakage issues from occurring again in near future. However, it is still recommended to do a regular aircon servicing every 3 to 4 months to prevent water choking at the drain pipe. Note that the whole chemical overhaul service for one FCU will take around 1.5 hours to complete.

Our Pricing of Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Our Pricing


1 Unit –  $150

2 Units –  $240

3 Units – $360

4 Units – $480

5 Units –  $600

6 Units – $720


Ceiling Cassette AC

Each  $380 to $450 depend on the height 

Note: There will be extra charge of $40 if aircon size is bigger than 4 meter



Advantages of Aircon Chemical Overhaul Services

Active Cool Aircon Experts has the professional technicians to provide the best chemical overhaul for your air conditioning, cleaning service to the customers. Below are some of the advantages of the aircon chemical overhaul service.

  • Prolonged Aircon LifeSpan
  • Increase aircon cooling efficiency hence reducing electricity bills
  • Cleaner environment for a healthier living
  • Reduce the likelihood of facing unexpected aircon breakdown issue
  • Increase the cooling efficiency of the room/area
  • Fresh and Clean Air
  • Resolve the copper pipe condensation issue 

Professional Aircon Chemical Overhaul Services

Unlike ordinary air conditioning repairs, chemical air conditioning reconditioning can clean your air conditioning unit more thoroughly. Our professional technicians cover the following steps when performing the Aircon Chemical Overhaul:

  • Completely separating several individual units of Air conditioner
  • Cleaning of the external panels, cover & all housing units that include all relative units of the air conditioner.
  • Flushing and chemical vacuuming of the drainage pipe of water. 
  •  Check the refrigerant level and add refrigerant gas if necessary (each unit is limited to 20 pressure points).
  • Evaluate the operating conditions of the air conditioning fan motor and thermistor, as well as the use of lubricant to smooth the function.
  • Inspection of major electrical connections for safety and correct circuiting.
  • Check the cause of the unusual noise and/or odor during air conditioner operation.
  • Ensuring that no water leakage problem occurs during aircon operating time.

Why choose us for Aircon Chemical Overhaul Service?

Active Cool Aircon Experts always provide the best aircon service and high-quality service for their customers. One of the best aircon services being offered is Aircon Chemical Overhaul with pressure jet washer. Below are the reasons why you need to engage Active Cool Aircon Experts for its aircon servicing.

  • – One-stop professional aircon cleaning, installation, and maintenance.
  • – More than 10 years of experience
  • – Our technicians are well-trained.
  • – We provide same-day or next-day emergency support
  • – Transparent pricing
  • – Fast and commitment-free quotation
  • – Knowledgeable in various types and brands of aircon units, including their components, installation methods, and maintenance requirements

Hire our Professional Aircon Experts for Aircon Chemical Overhaul Services In Singapore.

Aircon Chemical Overhaul
Aircon Chemical Overhaul
Aircon Chemical Overhaul
Aircon Chemical Overhaul



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