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Active Cool Aircon Experts is well known for its professional air con chemical wash services for customers. You would hardly find any cheap aircon chemical wash Singapore service provider with such high-quality work at a reasonable price. In addition, Active Cool Aircon Experts is one of the aircon condenser chemical wash service providers which provides the best ac chemical wash price service in Singapore. Other than what we normally do for aircon regular service, our technicians will spray the chemical solution to the FCU fin and clean it up with water during the chemical wash air conditioning service. This process will clear the dirt or debris that accumulated at the FCU fins and improves the airflow.

Aside from improving the airflow, it will also improve the aircon efficiency then reducing the monthly utilities for you as well. We provide the chemical wash portable aircon for all aircon brands such as Daikin, Fujitsu, Haier, Hitachi, LG, Midea, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Toshiba, etc. To guarantee the quality of our work, each job will be done by our trained technicians. Our cheap aircon chemical washes Singapore team are friendly and strive to give their best service to our customers.

Our Pricing Of Aircon Chemical Wash


Our Pricing


1 Unit – $70

2 Units –  $140

3 Units – $210

4 Units –  $280

5 Units – $350



$650 to $750 each

There will be extra charges for ducted aircon unit which concealed inside false ceiling.

Condenser Unit

1 unit – $120

2 units – $240

Benefits of Aircon Chemical Wash Services in SG

Let’s have a look at some essential benefits of the aircon chemical wash service offered by Active Cool Aircon Experts: 

  • Increase energy efficiency as well as air blowing from FCU 

  • Extend the Lifespan of your aircon system 

  • Refrain accumulation of mold and debris 

  • Prevent Aircon Water Leaking 

  • Our aircon cleaning services Improve Air Quality 

  • Remove Bad Odour 

  • Reduce the possibility of the freezing issue

Get Reliable Aircon Chemical Wash Services

Singapore Aircon Servicing Singapore specializes in providing high-quality air conditioning repair services, including commercial air conditioning repair projects. We also provide complete aircon servicing, repair washing machine Singapore, including reliable air conditioning repair, air conditioning repair, air conditioning installation, Aircon chemical wash, air conditioning cleaning, and air conditioning recharging.

Through our aircon chemical wash services and low air conditioning repair prices, you are sure to get good value for money! As a highly recommended air conditioning repair company in Singapore, we also offer chemical wash aircon compressor and service contracts. We have a team of experienced air conditioning maintenance technicians with more than 10 years of experience.

Why Choosing us for Aircon Chemical Washing?

Active Cool Aircon Experts always provide the best aircon service and high-quality cleaning chemicals suppliers in Singapore. One of the best aircon services being offered is Air con Chemical Wash solutions. Read our aircon chemical wash reviews & also check the reasons why you need to engage Active Cool Aircon Experts for its aircon servicing.

– One-stop professional aircon cleaning, installation, and maintenance.

– More than 10 years of experience

– Our technicians are well-trained.

– We provide same-day or next-day emergency support

– Transparent pricing

– Fast and commitment-free quotation

– Knowledgeable in various types and brands of aircon units, including their components, installation methods, and maintenance requirements

Hire our experts of Active Cool for aircon chemical wash Singapore.

Aircon Chemical Wash
Aircon Chemical Wash
Aircon Chemical Wash



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