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Active Cool Aircon Servicing Singapore is a highly recommended aircon installation company in Singapore, and our portfolio includes hundreds of Aircon Installation Singapore projects. We have provided various aircon installation services in both residential and commercial areas of the country. We are a reputable and trusted air conditioning installation company that also offers Daikin Air conditioner Installation in Singapore. We have several brands of air conditioners and models. Our Air-conditioners Installing in Singapore Suitable for industry, schools. And do the VRV system.

We offer customers a first-class air conditioning installation and offer a workmanship guarantee. We offer the best aircon installation charges as compared to other companies in Singapore. Before our experienced technicians carry out the installation, our company will provide a free on-site inspection. It can help you choose the best AC power for the BTU size of your room. We are the best Recommended Aircon Installer throughout Singapore and use premium aircon installation materials to ensure durable and long-lasting use of your air conditioner. 

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Why people recommending Active Cool Aircon Experts for aircon installation Singapore service?

  • Why do people recommend Active Cool Aircon Experts for aircon installation Singapore service?
  • Reliable and trusted aircon installation company in Singapore
  • Good in Mitsubishi, Daikin and Panasonic aircon installation
  • Conducting free site visit to provide a more accurate quote for customer
  • Transparently priced, no hidden cost

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Things to Consider Before Aircon Installation Singapore

  1. Aircon Selection

Mitsubishi, Daikin and Panasonic aircon are among the most reliable aircon brands in Singapore. Active Cool Aircon Experts is selling and providing aircon installation Singapore service for customers. There are a few types of aircon in the market such as wall-mounted aircon, ceiling cassette aircon, ducted unit aircon and window unit aircon. Although there are several types of aircon, but they have the common function which is to cool down the environment. Wall-mounted and ducted unit aircon are mostly used in residential areas while ceiling cassette units are mostly used in commercial premises.

  1. Size of Cooling Area

The selection of aircon power and cooling capacity varies with the size of cooling area. Generally, a 6,000BTU cooling capacity air con is recommended for below 150 square feet. For an area up to 350 square foot such as a living room, you may need 9,000-10,000BTU aircon. For an area up to 500 square feet, you may need the cooling capacity ranging from 10,000-15,000 BTU aircon. However, you may select a higher cooling capacity aircon installation Singapore at a higher price if you wish to cool down a place at a shorter time. 

  1. Warranty and Extra Services

The quotation offered by aircon installer may include some offer, extra services and optional upgrades of material. The warranty period and Aircon Installation Singapore Annual Maintenance package also shall be considered. We strongly recommend you to include all these to reduce your liability if anything goes haywire. 

  1. Electricity Cost Saving

Firstly, you have to make sure it is the inverter type aircon. Secondly, make sure it is 5 ticks labelled aircon which is recognized by NEA for power saving. Lastly, make sure the aircon cooling capacity is sufficient to cool down the whole area as mentioned in point 2 above. This is to prevent the compressor from running at all times.

  1. Reliable Aircon Services Singapore Company

After all the consideration, you shall engage a reliable aircon services company in Singapore to do the aircon installation for you. Word of mouth is always the best way to get the recommendation from your friends or family members on the best aircon servicing company in Singapore. You may also engage a reliable aircon installation company in Singapore such as Active Cool Aircon Experts. Our technicians are experienced and well trained for aircon installation Singapore and they may take good care of your premises during installation. 



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