Aircon Repair Service and Troubleshooting

Active Cool Aircon Experts is one of the best aircon repair service providers in Singapore which provide the aircon repair and troubleshooting service for residential and commercial aircons. Aircon breakdowns, air not cold, inefficiencies and water drips is very common and it can happen any day or anytime. After customer approaching Active Cool, our experienced repair technicians will be on-site as soon as possible to inspect your aircon, diagnose the problem and rectify the issue as quickly as possible.

During aircon service or repair, our experienced aircon technicians will give their recommendations for your aircon system. It is always up to you whether to accept their recommendations. We assure you that there will be no hard selling by our team. We pride ourselves on our readiness to go above and beyond our client’s expectations. Feel free to approach our team for a free quote if you wish to enjoy one of the best aircon repair services in Singapore.

Urgent Aircon Repair Service in Singapore

Why my aircon is not cold? We always received complaints from our customer asking for urgent aircon repair service as their aircon is not blowing a cold air. Reasons of aircon not cold may due to gas leaking at either copper pipe, outdoor condenser or malfunction of aircon parts. When your aircon needs a multiple gas top up just in few weeks or few months time, then it is quite sure that there is a leak at your aircon.

Our experienced technicians will troubleshooting onsite and provide their professional advise to you after their checking. The solutions for this can be replacement of copper pipe and insulations or replacement of malfunction aircon parts such as thermistor, expansion valve, PCB or capacitor. If the leak is at the condenser, then the only way is to replace the condenser unit.

Aircon Repair Service & Water Leaking Fixing

Aircon water leaking or water dripping is one of the most common issues that our technicians are facing everyday. As one of the best aircon repair service company in Singapore, Active Cool Aircon Experts also provide aircon water leaking repair service to our customers. For minor aircon water leaking, normally it can be solved by a normal aircon servicing after vacuuming the drain pipe. 

For an aircon that has not been serviced for quite sometime or if there is any jelly behind the evaporator, it is always recommended to engage us for a chemical overhaul service to solve the issue. The water leaking is a crucial issue as it will damage your false ceiling or wall paint if it is not being solved immediately. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any aircon repair service & leaking issue, our friendly and experienced technicians will attend to your door steps at their soonest.  



We take care of Air Con & Offer Best Aircon Repair AC Services!

AC Repair Services Singapore By ACtive Cool

We are the best Singapore Air Conditioning Repair Company for offering quality services. Although a well-installed and well-cooled air conditioning system will be an asset in many commercial work environments this summer, the benefits of air conditioning will last much longer than in hot summer.

We are working hard to offer Cheap Repair & Cleaning Services, therefore; we provide our customers the best and economical aircon servicing price. As well as ensuring good continuous airflow and the proper working of your air conditioner.

We are your local service provider through Singapore, including multiple states to provide high-end fast, and accurate aircon repairing services at incredibly low prices. We are the best aircon servicing company.





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