When running properly, air conditioning systems provide heat in the winter and active cool in the summer, making your house as pleasant as possible. What signs should you look for if your air conditioner isn’t operating properly?

We take climate control in our homes for granted in today’s environment. However, this does not negate the need of having our air conditioner serviced when it is due.

Here are several signs that it’s time to service your air conditioner.

AC Unit is Blowing Hot Air

You will feel warm or hot air if you place your hand near the vent. First, check your thermostat. Check to see whether the temperature is set to ‘heat’ or a warm setting.

If your thermostat is set correctly but your air conditioner is blowing hot air, you should contact an HVAC professional as soon as possible.

The appearance of hot air coming from the vents typically means that the compressor has failed.

The compressor is normally found on the outside unit, which is on the outside of your home. For cooling the air a compressor circulates the refrigerant through the AC coils.

Warm air coming from your vents might be an indication that your unit is leaking refrigerant. When this happens,

Bad Smells and Mysterious Sounds

It’s time to get your air conditioner service when it starts making unusual noises. To avoid further damage, turn off the system immediately and do not use it if you hear metal grinding against metal. In this case, it’s only a matter of time before the system completely breaks.

A burning odor emanating from the air conditioner might mean that the wire insulation has been scorched. It’s conceivable that mold is forming inside your ducting if it has a musty odor. As quickly as possible, you should call an expert to examine the issue and make the required repairs.

Increase in Temperature

A dirty coil, damaged electrical components, a broken motor fan, or a refrigerant leak might all suggest a spike in air conditioner temperature. It is not recommended that you attempt to fix the gadget yourself. Rather, get an expert to complete the task for you.

Astronomical Energy Bills

It’s probable that your air conditioner is at fault if your energy bills have been soaring this summer. Service and maintenance of your air conditioner may help you save money on electricity and provide more cooling. 

If your air conditioner is working properly, effectively, and efficiently, your energy expenses should be reduced. Preventative air conditioner maintenance and repair will save you money and ensure that you have a cool, pleasant home in the coming summers.

High Humidity

During the spring and summer, expect humid weather outside. This does not, however, imply that you desire to be exposed to high humidity indoors. The humidity levels in your home should be automatically controlled by your air conditioner.

If your cooling system can’t keep moisture levels within a comfortable range, you’ll require an air conditioner repair. We’ll quickly analyze the situation and determine if your air conditioner only needs to be re-calibrated or whether you should instead invest in a whole-house dehumidifier.

Unusual Noises

Summer is here, and it’s time to turn on your air conditioners. This may be your only option for escaping the oppressive heat outside. These electrical equipment require special attention to ensure that they continue to function properly.

But what if your air conditioner no longer cools as effectively as it once did? It may also start making too much noise or exude a terrible odor. Is it just becoming inefficient, resulting in greater monthly power bills? Only then did you realize it was only a machine that needed to be repaired.

Like many others, you may opt to deal with the issue on your own. Despite how enticing it may sound, we may end up giving more errors and more costs as a result of this.


For ensuring the best working of your aircon, keep an eye on the above-mentioned clues to know that your Air Conditioner needs servicing. Taking care of these electrical units is important to keep these units working well. 

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