Common Air-Conditioning Problems

Are you finding the common air-conditioning problems? Or Are you anxiously looking technician who repairs your aircon service?

Why you should know about common issues of AC?

As we all know, restoration of electric appliances specially the repair of AC is a costly process so, you should do proper maintenance on daily basis that will not reach you to expense on reconstruction.

In Summer moments Singaporean uses AC at homes. About 90% or more population want to get instant cooling to prevent warm weather.

The seasonal utilization of aircon have some common issues that are appeared due to unprofessional services and false dealing with AC. The poor operation sometimes get major or minor errors. You should be conscious whenever you turn on the aircon. Close your doors and don’t ON ceiling fan while air-conditioner is working. Otherwise the coolant will disorder then, aircon will create suffocation in room. In this guidance, I would like to discuss some common issues of air-conditioning system.


This is one of the most common problem in air-conditioner. This occurs due to irregular installation. Because of drainage, the aircon shows low efficiency and upset room temperature.

  • High electricity consumption
  • Low efficiency
  • Spoiled compressor

Problem-solving process

You should keep an eye on unit because aircon needs an effective tuning. You should also maintain your room ceiling and walls. Algae and fungal ceiling may affect on unit and sometimes get water drainage.

Clogged Air Filter

Air-Conditioning filters are main gadget for effortlessly clean airflow. Dirty or jam filters may create various technical issues in aircon. Clogged Ac filter passes dusty airflow and it may reduce the power. Dirty filters will not work properly, and it doesn’t cool air in hot days. Always change filter after 2 to 3 months it may not restrict airflow and will work efficiently.

Problem-solving process

You should proper check up weekly of indoor and outdoor units. You should check air filter and struggle to clean it. Moreover, after 2 or 3 months you should be responsible to replace it with new air filters.

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