How To Repair Gree Aircon Water Leaking?

Nothing is more aggravating than discovering that an interior unit of your small Gree air conditioning system is leaking. Not only will this damage your home’s comfort, but no one wants to deal with flooding. Fortunately, this might be an easy remedy if you have any expertise with air conditioning. Read on to learn why your small Gree air conditioner is leaking and how to fix it in eight simple steps.

Why Is Your Gree Aircon Leaking Water?

Aircon systems are an energy-efficient way for homeowners to maintain a pleasant temperature in their homes. These systems have significantly longer life lives than most traditional temperature control systems, although they may have problems like leakage at some time. To get your system operating correctly again and avoid water damage, you’ll need to figure out what’s causing the problem. 

There are a few reasons why your small Gree AC’s interior unit is leaking. The most typical cause of a leak is a blockage in the drainage line.

The condensation runoff is collected in the drainage pipe and sent to the exterior of your home. Condensation runoff will back up and end up on your floor if the drainage pipe becomes clogged.

Repair Gree Aircon Water Leaking In Easy Steps

Fortunately, if you have a blockage in your drainage system, there is a simple solution that takes very little time and effort.

Materials You Need for Your Aircon Services

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Electrical tape
  • Bucket
  • Vacuum with a hose attachment
  • Directions

Step 1. Turn your air conditioner off

Make sure your air conditioner is turned off before you start dealing with the blockage.

Step 2. Remove the filters

Remove the filters by opening the front panel. If the filter appears to be filthy, this is an excellent opportunity to vacuum or wipe away any extra dust.

Step 3. Remove the plastic cover

While each brand and model of a small Gree air conditioner is different, most allow you to simply remove the front panel by unscrewing a couple of screws. Removal usually necessitates the use of a Phillips head screwdriver. Remove the plastic cover and store it in a secure location.

Step 4. Locate the drainage pipe

Two plastic clips will be found within the air conditioner. By pressing these buttons, you may raise the bottom of the device and gain access to the drainage pipe. Your drainage pipe is the largest of the five, and it will almost certainly be sealed with grip tape on the exterior. Remove the entire roll of tape.

Step 5. Drain the pipes with a bucket.

After that, you’ll want to grab your bucket to capture any surplus water before removing the connection that keeps the drainage pipe together. Allow both sides of the pipe to drain with your bucket in place.

Step 6. Vacuum the excess dust

Once the pipe has stopped emptying, suction the extra dirt from the pipes with the hose of your vacuum cleaner. Because the obstruction will be moist, it’s best to use a wet vac if at all feasible. Vacuum until the obstruction is gone.

Step 7. Seal the joint back together

Use electrical tape to reseal the junction.

Step 8. Reassemble your air conditioner

The obstruction has been cleared, and your drainage pipe has been resealed. Now, all that’s left for you is to put your unit back together.


How to gree Aircon Repair from water leaking, The procedures to repair a leaky micro Gree unit are as follows. While the construction and removal of the outer casing vary for each unit, the essential principles remain the same, with the drain line needing to be unclogged. This is usually not a difficult task, but if you have any doubts, contact an HVAC technician

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